Thursday, September 1, 2011

Some Gluten Free Diet tips for those who suffer "CELIAC" Disease QUESTIONS to ask when dining out.

•Are there croutons on the salad? Can you please leave them off?
•Do you make the salad dressing from scratch? What's in it?

•Do you make the soup and sauces from scratch, or does it come from a can? Can I see the label?

•Has the food been marinated in any sauce?

•Do you make the sauce yourself, or is it canned?

•Has the food been dusted with flour before being sauted or fried?

•Is the oil used for the French fries also used to make the other breaded products?

•Are artificial bacon bits or other meat substitutes used on potato skins and salads?

•Are your mashed potatoes from a mix, or from real potatoes?

•Do you use imitation crabmeat or seafood?